Watch Repurpose Box

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8 lbs. of 'junk' watches for repurposing, repair, gifting, crafts, resale and more!  Repurpose watches are primarily not in working order (broken movements, missing batteries, needs polishing, etc.) Some watches may be 'broken' beyond repair and are intended solely for parts. Watch repurpose boxes contain mixed brands, genders, styles, and condition.



Watch Repurpose Boxes are sold as is in "salvage" or "repurpose" condition. Watches are in unsorted condition and have not been verified or authenticated. 



The 8lbs. advertised includes the weight of the product and box.

Due to increased demand, we have implemented a maximum order limit of 2 Watch Repurpose Boxes per customer, per week.

No returns or refunds are accepted on mystery boxes. Items are in used condition, with no implicit guarantee of variety or resale value. By purchasing you agree to these terms. 



Disclaimer: All items shipped by Goodwill Bluebox should be considered used.