About Us

Bluebox, powered by Goodwill, is an online marketplace which connects resellers with used, surplus, or discontinued inventory. Our inventory comes from donations at our community stores. Products that don’t find their match in our stores are redirected to Bluebox before becoming environmentally harmful landfill waste or economically burdensome textile exports.

We serve resellers who are looking for great deals on products such as jewelry, clothing, shoes, and more. Our goal is to be the go-to source where resellers and small businesses can purchase their inventory.

All proceeds generated from Bluebox directly fund our nonprofit mission: to provide job training, housing, and education.

  • Reducing Textile Waste

    Clothing that did not find its match in our stores is redirected to Bluebox instead of becoming environmentally harmful and landfill waste.

  • Supporting Solopreneurs

    From a side hustle to building an empire, we at Bluebox want to supply the resources needed for you to take your next step.

  • Affordability

    Our wholesale supply enables resellers to offer quality clothing to their customers at a great value.