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All pallets require pickup. Please pay attention to the location of your pallet and follow pickup instructions in the confirmation email sent after purchase. Out of stock? Please email salvage@goggi.org to inquire!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it say out of stock?

Our pallets and bales sell out quickly! Please email salvage@goggi.org to inquire about how you can get your hands on some!

Where do Bluebox products come from?

Our products come directly from donations brought in by our local communities. We get a variety of items ranging from shoes, clothing, purses, accessories, to household goods, and much more. They come in various conditions allowing us to carefully select which to put into Curated Boxes or sell in Bulk Pallets.

How do I pick up my pallet?

Due to the weight of our pallets, they are available for pickup only. Select your nearest pickup location when purchasing your pallet(s). Please give 24-hour notice before picking them up, excluding weekends. Pallets require a large open bed truck, box truck, or trailer for loading and pickup.

I don't see any locations near me. When will new ones be added?

We are always looking to bring on new affiliates to partner with us! If Bluebox Bulk Pallets aren't in your area, feel free to tell your local Goodwill or thrift store about Bluebox.

Still have questions?

Contact us here.