Women's Curated Vintage Y2K Apparel Box

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10-12 pieces of curated vintage and/or Y2K apparel including tops, bottoms, outerwear, and more! Any garment that has eccentricity, uniqueness, pizazz, tackiness, and novelty patterns were ones that made the cut for this exciting box.


We date vintage as 20 years back or more. Y2K garments are from 2000 up to modern day. Perfect for resale, regular wear, or repurposing! Women's Curated Vintage / Y2K boxes come in mixed sizingMay include garments for all seasons.



Brands include vintage/Y2K label boutique brands, mall brands, designer brands, high, mid, and low-tier brands, amongst other vintage/Y2K labels. 


Apparel may contain staining, holes/rips, signs of wear, pilling, or discoloration.



No returns or refunds are accepted on women's curated apparel vintage / Y2K boxes. Items are in used condition, with no implicit guarantee of variety or resale value. By purchasing you agree to these terms. 



Disclaimer: All items shipped by Buy Bluebox should be considered used.