Discount Book & DVD Pallet (Fort Pierce, FL)

Fort Pierce, FL

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Pickup Required For This Product

Bluebox Bulk Pallets are very heavy and require a large open bed truck, box truck, or trailer to pick up. After placing your order, simply send an email to to schedule your pickup.


650 lbs. of unprocessed, salvage books and DVD's. A book seller's dream! Perfect for resale, libraries, inventory, DIY projects, reading, and more! Books consist of mixed genres and types of books (i..e textbooks, novels, series, comic books, coloring books, manuals, history books, vintage books, etc.) DVD's and media consists of mixed genres and condition.



Series of books, collectible books, comic books, media (i.e. DVD, CDs, Blu-Ray,etc.), signed copies, first editions, and more. Unprocessed books have not been checked for condition or quality, so books included vary in condition. A percentage of the books may be in salvage condition or damaged. 



Book pallets require a large open bed truck, box truck, or trailer to pick up! 

Given weight is approximate and may vary slighty. 



Wholesale Book Pallets are not eligible for refunds, partial refunds, or returns. Pallets are sold AS IS, without exception. Mystery Pallets are primarily used goods. Returns on the basis of condition will not be approved.

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    Bulk Pallets are not eligible for shipment, and are sold as pick up only. Check back frequently as we expand our pick up locations.